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Prague is the Capital of the Czech Republic and the Bohemian Region, according to the country Constitution. Located by the banks of the Vltava, since 1992 it has become Heritage of Humanity. The modern Prague is an example of strength. It survived the horrors of the Second World War and the Russian occupation to reborn as a modern city that attracts tourism any time of the year. In this beautiful city history and entertainment meet. Walking around its cobbled streets you will discover old parks and gardens, elegant cafes, castles and medieval bridges, trendy shops and, of course, the best places to try the incredible Czech beer. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where you can get delighted by the famous Astronomical Clock located in the Old CIty's Town Hall, the Prague Castle: the biggest castle in the world, the zig-zag alleys of the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge: the most famous gothic monument in Prague, incredible squares like Wenceslas and the Old City square, The Powder Tower and many other things.

What to do in Prague?

Astronomical Clock

Prague's Astronomical Clock is an iconic clock located in the south wall of Prague's City Hall. Get a spectacular view of "The City of the Thousand Bell Towers" from the inside of this medieval gothic tower.

Prague Castle

Built in the 9th Century, this is the biggest castle in the world and the most important monument of the Czech Republic. Instead of a medieval fortified building, The Prague Castle is composed of beautiful palaces and connected buildings by small and beautiful alleys.

Lobkowicz Palace

This impressive 6th Century Palace hosts the largest and oldest private art collection in the Czech Republic. It includes masterpieces from Canaletto, Bruegel the Elder, Cranach, and Velazquez. It also has original manuscripts by Beethoven and Mozart.

Jewish Quarter's Monuments

The Jewish Quarter includes famous monuments such as the synagogue, the cemetery and the Jewish museum that contains the largest Jewish ceremonial art collection in Europe.

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Black Light Theatre Srnec

The Black Light Theatre, original from Prague, is a completey different theatre. A key principle is the inability of the human eye to distinguish black objects from a black background. The Black Light Srnec Theatre is the first black light theatre produced and performed by an award-winning family.

Czech beer tasting

Taste a wide variety of worldwide famous Czech beer combined with Hermelin cheese.

Boat ride

A boat ride along The Vltava is an experience you cannot miss. This is a very beautiful way to get to know Prague.

Terezin concentration camp

During World War II, Terezin was a location for Jews "relocated in the East". Take a guided excursion with round-trip transportation from downtown Prague to the Nazis' concentration camps.