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The Capital of Italy is the epicenter of the Catholic Religion and a destination of pilgrimage. It is also the only city in the world that has a foreign State within its boundaries: The Vatican City that is ruled by the Pope. For that reason, Rome is known as the Capital of two States. It is also known as "The Eternal City" because it seems time has stopped centuries ago. It is the city with the largest amount of historic and architectonic goods in the world. Its impressive monuments and ancient archaeological remains make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the golden ages of the Roman Empire. You cannot miss the Circo Massimo, located between The Aventine and The Palatine Hill. In this place, many public games were played and many shows such as horse races, for instance, were held here. Another "must" in your bucket list is the Sacral Area, which is the place where the ruins of the oldest roman temples are located. Walk around its beautiful squares like Piazza Navona: baroque and elegant; Piazza San Pietro: one of the most beautiful squares built by Bernini in the mid-XVII Century; Piazza Spagna: one of the most visited spots in Rome due to its giant staircase; Campo dei Fiori: one of the main squares in Rome, well-know for its market and Piazza del Campidoglio: located on top of the Capitoline Hill, it's the first modern square in Rome. It is also a must to admire its fountains as the incredible Fontana di Travi, the biggest and most beautiful in Rome. Moreover, Trastevere is a neighborhood you cannot miss, a quite and bohemian area that make it one of the nicest in the city.

What to do in Rome?

The Colosseum is the largest Roman amphitheater ever built. The Roman Forum represented the epicenter of ancient Rome where the public, cultural and economic life of the empire took place. Located 40 meters over the Roman Forum, The Palatine Hill is the most centric of the Seven Roman Hills.
This is the most important building of the Catholicism. The Pope celebrates many ceremonies there. Inside the Cathedral it's located the Holy See.
The Borghese Gallery it's located within the Villa Borghese gardens, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. It's one of the museums with the best reputation in the world. Tiziano, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Rubens and Botticelli masterpieces are exposed there.
Located in the heart of Rome, The Vatican is the smallest country in Europe and the epicenter of the Catholic Church. Inside you can find the Sistine Chapel, one of the most precious treasures of The Vatican, Rome and the world. It's known for its vast decoration and for being the temple in which Popes are chosen and crowned.

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Navigate along the impressive Tiber River, the cradle of Romulus and Remus and witness of emperors, governors, and popes.
Built between 100 and 110 d.C., the Trajan Market is thought to be the world's oldest shopping mall.
The Pantheon is the best-preserved building of ancient Rome and one of the architectural masterpieces of the Italian Capital.
Hadrian's Villa combines elements of Egyptian, Greek and Roman heritage forming an "Ideal City".