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Statue of Liberty

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3 - 6 hours
New York, USA
This experience takes you on a boat cruise to Liberty and Ellis Island - including visits to Liberty Island and access to the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum. Sent over the Atlantic avec amour in 1886, Lady Liberty towers over New York Harbor. Marvel at this monument as you sail (well, motor) over from Battery Park. Once you touch ground on the three-acre Liberty Island, you'll have the chance to walk around the entire statue and listen to the audio guide telling you the history of this monument. (Tickets to enter the Statue of Liberty itself are not included).
From the island you'll be able to see that the towering monument is actually in mid-stride, breaking free of her chains. France, in fact, sent the gift over the year after the abolition of slavery in the US. Look up at her imposing figure, look down at the broken shackles by her feet. Ellis Island, a short boat ride away, goes further in charting the story of America's past, detailing the lengthy process refugees and immigrants went through to come to the land of opportunity in the early 20th century. It's estimated that nearly half of Americans can trace at least one family member who passed through Ellis Island. Many of the exhibits are geared towards children - including an audio guide designed for children ages 6-10 - so it’s a very family-friendly way to get in touch with the immigrant experience. Afterwards, you'll grab another boat back to Battery Park. You'll be grateful for the freedoms and opportunities that you enjoy - and you'll also be glad that you made the choice to come visit. The seven spikes of Lady Liberty's crown represent the seven continents and seven seas, and thus the universality of freedom.


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  • Guided boat cruise to Liberty and Ellis Island
  • Audio tour
  • Access to Liberty Island
  • Access to Ellis Island and Ellis Island National Immigration Museum

Not included

  • Access to the Statue of Liberty itself
*Pedestal, museum, crown. Tickets for this are extremely limited (as in: sold out months in advance)